About Us

Our roots go back to 1961. In 1987, our family had purchased Colonial Health Food Center, which was started in 1961 in Kingston New York. This was probably one of the first health food stops in the North East USA. What started as a family business turned into a community center where all the natural health minded people gathered. Later in 1997, an offshoot of Colonial Health was created, called Nature’s Pavilion Natural Food Market. Nature’s Pavilion’s mission was focused on educating the consumers in the community to help with benefits of a natural lifestyle.

In 2001, Nature’s Pavilion opened its second location in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. This location was much bigger and was one of the largest independent natural food marked in New Jersey. The purpose of the large location was two fold; one was to offer the large, ever-growing offering of natural foods and supplements that was becoming popular, and second, to take advantage of larger purchasing power and pass the savings on to the consumer.

Currently, Nature’s Pavilion has one of the largest vitamins and supplement section in New Jersey. We have also earned a reputation of being the most friendliest, most knowledgeable and trustworthy place to shop in the area. (Most of our new customers are referrals) To us, our reputation is everything and we work hard to maintain a shopping experience that you expect from a world-class natural food market.

To us, our customers are the most important asset, as without them we cannot exist. Our customers have come to expect only the best from us and we know that we still have a long way to go to become even better.

As we celebrate our 16th anniversary in New Jersey, we want to thank our loyal customers who have made our existence possible and look forward to serving you and the community for many more years to come.


Our Mission is to promote the well being of individuals in our community by providing them with supreme quality wholesome foods and natural health care products.

We are committed to providing our customers with quality products in a pleasant and comfortable environment. Our goal is to create a business that supports and enhances the health and care of individuals and families in our community.

We are also committed to helping the environment by encouraging recycling and avoiding excessive waste, and facilitating the “Shop Local” movement.