7 Easy Health Habits to Start 2017 Off Right

5th December, 2016

Welcome to our new website! We want you to know that our redesigned and updated website is now “live” at nature-pavilion. Among many improvements the site now enables you to buy online. We are adding new products every day and hoping to have most of our in-store offerings online as well. We know that you must be wondering why should you buy online from us? So, here are the reasons: 1. We are not a huge online store disconnected from the community we live in. We have three stores serving St. Louis County since 1978- long before Walmart was ever on the scene and before Costco and Whole Foods were founded! 2. We do not have enormous distribution centers where products are warehoused in non-controlled environments. Everything we offer online is actually present in our stores. 3. Ninety nine percent of the products sold in our stores and online are supplied by companies located in the USA. By buying from us you actually help support manufacturing jobs in our country. 4. Did you know that to be marked “natural” only 10% of a product needs to actually be “natural” and the other 90% can be synthetic? Just ask the guys at Centrum (100% synthetic). The products we sell in our stores and online are made in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Not only are they the purest natural (without quotes) products on the market but they are guaranteed to be well within their expiration date when shipped to you (unlike the products of our competitors). 5. You can contact us with questions about any of our products, even if it is not on our site, we will respond within 24 hours. That’s what we call customer service!