Our family roots in the health food business go back to 1961. We were ahead of our time then, and we are ahead of our time today.
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Available only from Nature's Pavilion, BioEssence International products offer real relief
Bio-Essence International Cold-Virus-Flu formula has a reputation for being so effective, its users are our best advertisement Read more
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We strongly believe fresh produce is integral to a healthful diet, and you'll always find a great selection of delicious fruits and vegetables
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You'll find a great selection of organic dairy products as well as dairy alternatives at our store
Steve is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to vitamins, supplements, and health foods
When renowned chefs such as Paul Cimins need to shop for the best ingredients to prepare a meal, they can be found on camera in the aisles of Nature's Pavilion
We know skies are always blue overhead when you feel well, and we'll help you get there
If you prefer environmentally conscious products, we have a full range of natural detergents
Whatever your cleaning needs are, you'll find non toxic cleaners that keep your family safe
If you have an older pet with joint aches or special nutritional needs, we have all natural supplements and insect repellents to help your pet feel their best
Because we believe pets are family members, we also have them covered with a variety of organic foods
If you have children of any age, we know they have very special health needs
Nature's Pavilion offers a complete range of environmentally friendly paper towels, napkins, plates, cups, toilet paper, and more
Nature's Pavilion is active in charitable community events
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Welcome to Nature's Pavilion Natural Food Market


Welcome to our ecommerce web site! We encourage you to look through our site for up-to-date health information, the latest news on natural products and accurate health tools to assess your lifestyle.

We also invite you to meet our staff, watch videos of what our customers have to say about us & our products, learn about our history in the health food business, see reviews of health remedies we sell, view positions we’re hiring for, and see upcoming in-store events.  Follow us on facebook for our most up-to-date monthly coupons and other health tips.

We've also created several video tours of our store aisles to help you plan your shopping list before coming in. Click here to see food items we stock, here for vitamins, or here for products that help with viruses, colds, the flu, and other sicknesses.

Because we value your input as a customer, we also encourage you to take our online survey to help us improve our store.

Nature's Pavilion News!
We're congratulating Tina Dobsa on her winning entry in our Bio-Essence International C-V-F formula contest during September. Tina described how she's been a long-time believer in the cold- and fever-reducing qualities that our organic CVF formula offers. In this picture, Steve presents Tina with her prize - a 12-month supply of C-V-F formula (a value worth well over $100).

Nature’s Pavilion has a whole aisle dedicated to all-natural, organic pet products. We know nothing is too good for 4-legged family members, and that’s why we’ve got their health needs covered.  We understand – because we’re animal lovers, too.

Since many of our repeat customers had not been able to replenish their supplies of Bio-Essence International SUPER ULTRA NUTRITION protein powder recently due to a shortage, we wanted to let you know we’ve got a large shipment in. Plus, 14-ounce containers (as shown in the picture above) are on sale for $32.99 (regular price is $42.99)

Now that summer's here, Nature’s Pavilion can help with a range of all-natural skin care products that help you enjoy the outdoors while preventing or alleviating itching & discomfort from bites, poison ivy, sunburn, or other issues.

We at Nature's Pavilion encourage everyone to enjoy the warm weather with cookouts, friends, and family - especially to celebrate this coming Memorial Day Weekend. So we've grouped a selection of organic foods & condiments you might need for cookouts.

Having trouble quitting smoking? Nature’s Pavilion has hand-picked a kit of vitamins and formulas that will restore health and physically reduce cravings – naturally, without chemicals.

We fully understand it isn’t possible to grow organic, healthful food from a planet that’s not healthy itself. That’s why this Earth Day we’d like to let our customers know about household products we sell all year round that let you greatly reduce two things: the level of toxic chemicals you ingest, and the amount of household waste that’s not biodegradable.

June is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month – We share tips on diet & vitamin supplements that reduce odds of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

If your "common cold" has been hanging around for more than a week, it may not be a cold at all. It might actually be an allergy disguised as a cold.

If you’ve recommended our store to others, been impressed with the effectiveness of products we offer, or appreciate any advice we’ve given, the internet is a great place to express those sentiments so others can read them. So we’d sincerely like you to share your feelings and experiences about Nature’s Pavilion.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), this year’s flu season is shaping up to be deadlier than usual, and this year’s flu vaccine is a relatively poor match to a new virus that is now circulating.  Nature's Pavilion has a solution (read more...)

Nature’s Pavilion has Ultrasonic Mist Diffusers - perfect for spreading pleasant holiday scents AND for therapeutic benefits all year round!

Take a video tour of our store. We've created several videos of our store aisles to help you plan your shopping list before coming in.

We at Nature’s Pavilion want to make you aware of questionable practices we, and other small retailers, feel our state and county are engaged in.  Over the last five years, laws originally designed to protect consumers have been used questionnably to close state budget shortfalls through revenue from fines levied against retailers of groceries and other consumer goods.

Most people don’t think of coconut oil as a “superfood”, but it truly is one. We believe in the benefits of it, that’s why we stock it in pure form along with coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut water, creamed coconut, shredded coconut, and more. We take a look at the real health benefits of coconut oil.

Arometherapy essential oils do more than smell nice and improve your mood, they actually help with alot of physical conditions. Read more to find out...

The latest item to become very popular is so good that people have made it our most popular item in three categoies. #1 for Anxiety, #1 for panic attacks and #1 for sleeping disorders.

Shoplifting and fraud really hurt small businesses like ours, and we share these pictures of those who have defrauded us in order to spread awareness in the community to our customers and fellow retailers. If you recognize or encounter any of these individuals, we ask you contact the police.

Quality & Service

We pride ourselves on providing you with quality products and personalized customer service. We strive to answer your questions to help you make smarter and healthier decisions when buying natural products. We are here to help you!

We've also created several video tours of our store aisles to help you plan your shopping list before coming in. Click here to see food items we stock, here for vitamins, or here for products that help with viruses, colds, and other sicknesses. 


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Nature's Pavilion Natural Food Market Health Tips
Poisonous popcorn?
Make fresh popcorn the old fashioned way – with a pot, stove, kernels, a little oil and a lot of shaking. Microwaveable popcorn bags are coated with suspected cancer-causing perfluorinated chemicals. Stove-popping is just one way to avoid contact with the countless chemicals we’re exposed to daily.

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