A Message To Our Customers From Steve Shah, Proprietor

26th March, 2020

As many of you know, this year’s COVID-19 Coronavirus is disrupting much more than just our daily routine.  The consequences of this pandemic will likely alter our lives permanently - leaving us with many questions. Where do we go from here?  What can we do now? Should we fear the unknown?   WHY A TRIP TO OUR STORE IS SAFER THAN A TRIP TO THE SUPERMARKET OR PHARMACY At Nature’s Pavilion, your safety and well being is always our top priority.  For this reason, we’ve taken a number of preventative steps pertaining to the spread of the virus.  For example, the “cinnamony smell” you may notice as you walk into our store is actually 5-Thieves oil we constantly diffuse into the air to neutralize airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, or fungi.  We found 5-Thieves oil proved so effective in the period of flooding during hurricane Irene in 2011, we’ve been using it ever since. Additionally, we’ve installed an advanced air purification system that ionizes the air - killing any leftover virus germs in the air quickly and effectively.  We’re also serious about keeping common areas disinfected. Taking steps like these protects our staff, and it defeats the transfer of illnesses from customer to customer.  In short, a trip to our store is safer than a trip to the supermarket or pharmacy.   WE CAN’T BE HERE TO HELP YOU IF WE’RE NOT WELL OURSELVES It’s true. We can’t bravely be here to help during this national crisis if we’re not well ourselves.  That leads us to another point, which is if you’re receiving this email, you already know our store and appreciate the positive effect that vitamins, nutrition, and healthful foods on the body and mind.   WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW RIGHT NOW If you’ve ever had a conversation with me or other members of my staff, then you also know how I always stress the importance of keeping the immune system strong. Whether we spoke about Super Ultra Nutrition formula, CVF-24 (Cold Virus & Flu formula) or even the AHS-22 (Allergy, Hay Fever & Sinus formula), my emphasis was on how essential these types of products are.  Most of you listened, and maybe some of you use them currently. So how will this help you now?  The biggest message we keep hearing from doctors and health officials who are really in the know about COVID-19 is that those with compromised immune systems are the ones that become the sickest and die, no matter what age.  Social distancing is making a difference, but we must keep our immune systems strong if we’re going to get through this unscathed.  Doing that is what will protect us now, and it’s exactly what we’ve been saying for years. For this reason, I’m confident we may just have the healthiest and most CoronaVirus-proof group of customers in the United States. This doesn’t mean we should neglect basic safety precautions.  On the contrary, we should do everything possible to “flatten the curve.”   Keep in mind that eventually, we all will be exposed to this virus.  Once exposed, we may feel some symptoms, but our bodies should be in great shape to fight it off.  Once the body fights it off, it will build antibodies to this virus to serve as protection for the forseeable future.  Until a vaccine is discovered, this is our only option. So how do you flatten the curve?  Flattening the curve means we delay the time when we get hit with the virus.  This is very important since our medical system is not capable of handling all the people getting sick at the same time.  We must literally stagger the time when we get sick. This is part of what “flattening the curve” is all about.   MY THOUGHTS ON WHAT DO WE DO NEXT Since January I have been educating (and insisting) customers about this virus and what items make immune systems stronger.  That’s the most important thing right now. Plus, different supplements play different roles in the stages of the virus’ effect on our bodies. To be more specific, Number 1 is CVF-24 because it’s the only product we know of that’s worked for confirmed H1N1 virus, and it should be taken proactively multiple times daily.  Number 2 is Super Ultra Nutrition (a green superfood mix), plus 3000-4000 mg of vitamin C, elderberry, and Zinc (up to 50 mg for adults). The fact that the temperatures are warming with spring is a good thing.  It should weaken the virus to a certain extent, but it’s important to remember that springtime warmth also triggers seasonal allergies - opening a different can of worms with your immune system.  For those with allergies and/or respiratory issues, it’s critical you take NAC, astragalus, and AHS-22. NAC and astragalus are shown to help repair lung damage. But most important, AHS-22 helps with all allergies related issues.  Since this formula is so effective, we recommend this for anyone with seasonal allergies. The third thing to do is to neutralize the air around you.  5-Thieves oil misted into the air by a diffuser (we have them in stock) is incredibly effective to neutralize the air.   PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST INHALATION OF THE VIRUS It may be unavoidable.  For safeguarding against possible inhalation of the virus, I use a drop of ZEN oil in the palm, rub hands together, and cover my nose while inhaling deeply a few times.  Doing this can help neutralize the virus if it should get into the lungs (normally, the virus stays in the throat for about four days first). Attacking the virus while it’s still in the throat is key, and for this I use a mega dose of CVF-24 spray every 20 minutes for a few hours.   At this point, also load up on more elderberry, vitamin C, mushrooms & beta glucan, blackseed oil, olive leaf, oil of oregano, colloidal silver  etc. This is the time to take out the entire arsenal and attack the virus that is trying to attack you. Remember, once we’re exposed to this virus and fight it off, we will build antibodies to it.  This is how nature and our bodies work. Once we get to this point, we’ll all be protected and the affect won’t be as severe. In closing, we’re making every effort to keep these kind of immune-building products in stock. Unfortunately with supply chains being overwhelmed or interrupted, it’s not as easy. But our shelves aren’t bare - so if you’re venturing out, stop by. We’ll be glad to direct you to what we do have that will help flatten the curve. And since you’ll also find a good selection of healthy food items here, you may be able to skip a trip to the grocery store entirely.