An Issue Regarding CBD Oil We Feel Strongly About (And Why You Should Too)

4th October, 2018

Currently, corporate lobbyists all over the country are pushing hard to make sure the pharmaceutical industry will have the only legal supply of CBD extract. What does this mean? The big pharma takeover of CBD is underway. For those not familiar with what CBD oil is, it’s an organically-grown reliever for pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Derived from hemp (without THC that produces a high), it works naturally in the body without the addictive and detrimental side effects of other pain-killing drugs and opioids. Additionally, it’s been documented as a cancer-fighter. We post about its benefits all the time on social media, as well as customer testimonials. IF IT DIDN’T WORK - PHARMA WOULDN’T BE TRYING SO HARD TO SUPPRESS IT We know it works. Repeat customer after repeat customer has told us how CBD oil has effectively relieved their physical pain. But perhaps the most effective argument for the fact that it works is how hard the pharmaceutical industry is working to crush it. If it was ineffective, they wouldn’t bother. THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION’S FDA IS GOING RIGHT ALONG TO SUPPRESS IT For years, consumers have benefitted from access to cheap, safe, and effective CBD oil supplements. But now, the current admininstration’s FDA claims that CBD is a drug instead of a supplement. Legally, the FDA could remove all CBD supplements from the market at any time if it chooses to. Or, if the pharma company that holds drug market exclusivity requests it. Unless rules are updated, a corporate monopoly on CBD may form with the full support of the current FDA. And, in the future, other cheap, safe, and effective supplements that come along will be suppressed in the same way. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? This is happening because of a back-channel that allows natural supplements to be labeled as “drugs” by the FDA. More specifically, if a company is researching and developing a substance as a drug, current FDA rules give the company market exclusivity on that substance—even if it is currently being sold as a supplement. There are two exceptions: if the supplement was “marketed in or as a dietary supplement” before 1994, or if a supplement company has filed a “new supplement” notification with the FDA before the company’s investigation began. (Since the FDA has not completed the policies for submitting a “new supplement” notification, supplement companies don’t know how to comply.) Pyridoxamine, an important form of vitamin B6, was removed from the market by the FDA through this exact same method. THIS KIND OF CORPORATE PHARMA CONTROL IS UNCONSIONABLE This kind of corporate pharma control is unconscionable. The United States has an opioid epidemic that’s killing over 30,000 people a year. And FDA-approved drugs are part of that problem. For example, fentanyl is as much as 100 times more powerful than morphine – and it killed over 4,000 people in 2014 alone. Once effective, natural supplements aren’t legally available any more, big pharma can make a killing charging exorbitant prices to more than 100 million Americans out there with chronic pain. And it will all be legal, with no recourse for citizens, because current administration FDA bosses are in the pocket of big pharma companies. Until we close this loophole, drug companies will continue to falsely turn our natural dietary supplements into drugs. News headlines are filled with Phase II or Phase III drug trials failing – so big pharma is in search of a sure thing. Supplements that have documented health benefits are a sure thing – an easy way to grab low-hanging fruit for maximum profit. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO STOP THIS? Get in touch with your member of congress to hold them accountable. Tell them they must protect consumer access to cheap CBD oil, and champion efforts to change the rules so supplements can't be turned into drugs. Click on this government link to find out who your member of congress is & how to reach them. Doing so immediately is essential – because it can make a difference! And if they won't take your call or listen, vote them out - because their behavior on this issue speaks volumes about trustworthiness when it comes to putting the public's interests first.