How CVF-24 Helped Our Customers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

10th September, 2020

Recently,  we put up social media posts and sent emails asking our customers how they believe Bio-Essence International Cold, Virus & Flu formula (CVF-24) has helped them stay healthy this year during the COVID19 pandemic.  Below are a few of the responses we got: FROM JESSICA S. - AUGUST 2020 “We first discovered CVF in early Feb 2020 when I came down with what appeared to be the flu, but certainly could have been SARS-Covid since we weren’t testing for it at the time.  The first 3 days of my symptoms, I treated myself with my typical regimen of rest, fluids, vitamins, and oregano oil supplement capsules. My fever went to 102.7 degrees, and my body was constantly aching with chest tightness and complete loss of appetite. On the third symptomatic day, my fiance went to Nature’s Pavilion to pick up some tea, supplements, and ginger, and the gentleman in the store immediately recommended CVF.  I started 9 sprays every hour and within 4 hours I was completely symptom free, including my fever.  I continued the CVF every hour until the fourth day when I would consider myself finishing convalescence and feeling energized and healthy once again.   From that point, we continued to use CVF semi-regularly as a prophylactic and we now swear by it.  Years ago, my grandmother made her own medicine which we were given for any issue as children.  It always worked wonders, and we joked that it worked because it tasted so bad that our bodies willed themselves to be better!  CVF reminds me of my grandmother’s medicine in it’s effectiveness: the only likes of which I’ve ever experienced in a homemade concoction.  I think we need to be shouting from rooftops that there are ways to heal our bodies that are non-invasive, completely natural, and come without negative side effects. CVF is a game-changer, a staple in my medicine cabinets.  Let me be very clear, CVF works better than DayQuil, Motrin, or other over-the-counter medicines whose effectiveness wanes as the dose wears off.  I say this as someone who loves healthy living but also uses allopathic care as needed.  Your symptoms will gradually lift, and you will be restored with this formula.  It’s worth the try, the buy, and the endorsement.  This stuff works!  Thank you for all you do to educate and serve your community with healthy living.  We truly appreciate it!” FROM: LUCILLE - MAY 2020 “I work in a hospital with COVID-19 patients, and I myself was suffering the early effects of COVID with a sore throat, fever, and had lost senses of smell and taste. After starting CVF, it got rid of my sore throat by the next day and the rest of the symptoms quickly thereafter. Most importantly, I DID NOT GET SICK!”   FROM: JENNIFER C. - JULY 2020 “Hello NP!  We thank God for you guys and the CVF drops!  We recently moved to South Carolina from NJ and I placed an order for drops for both kids & adults back in March when the pandemic started...and we would need it! For the last month we were in Florida visiting family and my 18-month-old daughter started getting very high fevers with weird breathing...I remembered I had brought the kids CVF drops with me.  So for 4 days, I gave 2 drops to her three times a day.  After 4 days her fever stopped and she was back to her normal self!  I believe those drops helped her body fight whatever it was (can’t say for sure it was COVID, but we were in Palm Beach County where the numbers were high). Thank you for shipping CVF outside of NJ.  I am going to call tomorrow to order some more!”   FROM: WENDY P. - AUGUST 2020 “Hello.  First off, I am a huge fan of Nature’s Pavilion and CVF!  Since the COVID19 outbreak in March, those in my household (3 generations and 2 pets) including myself, my husband, my two daughters, and granddaughter have been using CVF Extra Strength daily. A few of us have had symptoms of a scratchy throat or runny nose - or just that run-down overall feeling like the body is fighting something.  We always take CVF once per day.  When we feel like we’re fighting an illness, we take a dropperful more regularly - sometimes every hour.  To date, nobody has gotten ill and we are feeling good & optimistic.   FROM: M.D.L. - AUGUST 2020 “I call these my amazing Miracle Drops.  There are days when I feel like the start of something coming on and I feel that I am going to be sick when I take these drops and the feeling is completely gone.  I have been taking these drops for over 5 years now 2 or 3 times every day and have never felt better.  These drops boost your immune system.  I will never stop taking them.  Thank you Nature’s Pavilion”.