Mosquitos with virus that causes brain inflammation & even death found in NJ. Protect yourself

5th September, 2019

If you needed a reason to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos, an urgent situation has developed in New Jersey this summer. A sample of mosquitoes from Washington Township, NJ has tested positive for West Nile Virus and Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), according to local officials.  It's the first sample to ever test positive for EEE in Warren County.  In short, it’s something to be concerned about because mosquitoes carrying EEE can potentially kill you. WHAT IS THE MOSQUITO-BORNE DISEASE KNOWN AS “EEE”? EEE is a virus that causes brain inflammation and, though rare, can be fatal. Just earlier this month, a Massachusetts woman died after being infected with EEE. West Nile Virus also causes brain inflammation and is typically more prevalent than EEE, though EEE has a higher mortality rate. Approximately a third of those infected with EEE die, and there's currently no specific treatment for the virus, according to the CDC. There's no specific treatment for West Nile Virus, either. Public officials in New Jersey were already bracing for an increased amount of West Nile Virus this year, with the first case of the infection being reported on July 2 – the earliest ever reported in our state.  Last year, a record 61 people in NJ were reportedly infected with West Nile. But EEE has also been making its presence known. The Washington Township Police Department said in a Facebook post that this has been a very active year for EEE in New Jersey, with one recorded human case this year.  For comparison, the state only had one reported case in 9 years between 2009 and 2018. Meanwhile, local police and the CDC are encouraging residents to wear repellent. The Warren County Mosquito Control Commission is also planning on spraying adult mosquitoes in the area where they collected the sample. A VERY EFFECTIVE WAY TO REPEL MOSQUITOS For being outdoors, we’ve got an effective 2-part solution. Part 1 is BIO-ESSENCE INTERNATIONAL BUG-OFF FORMULA, an organic blend of natural ingredients blended for maximum protection against soft-skinned, flying bugs such as mosquitos, black flies, and even bees.  All of the individual ingredients repel mosquitos.  But when they’re blended together in just the right amounts and proportions, their overall effect is strongly magnified. The second part of the 2-part solution is an ULTRASONIC DIFFUSER THAT CREATES VAPOR MIST. Popular for use with scented oils around the holidays, this type of diffuser uses electronic frequencies to create vibrations that vaporize the oil and water – dispersing them into the air without using any kind of heat.  Blended with water and used inside an ultrasonic diffuser, Bug-Off literally creates an area of mist in the air that keeps flying insects away!  And because Bug-Off contains only organic, natural ingredients, there are no toxic pesticides to worry about breathing in.