Some Quick Tips For Getting Your Summer Diet Back On Track

27th July, 2016

Even if you’re the healthiest of eaters, a summer getaway can set off a dietary bender that leaves you feeling greasy, lethargic, and a few pounds heavier by vacation’s end. The reason? Many of us eat by routine. To break bad habits that get started, revisiting a few basics can get you on the right track. The quick tips that we suggest here are by no means the only things you can do to effectively lose weight – however, we find their effectiveness never goes out of style. Assuming you’re physically able, weight gain can always be countered with exercise. Make a plan to do something physical, and stick to it – even on the days you don’t feel like doing so. Most folks who exercise regularly say if they skipped it every time they weren’t in the mood, they’d never do it! But you don’t need to travel all the way to a pricey gym – walking at a brisk pace around your neighborhood can be just as effective as long as you do it regularly. 2. You may have slipped eating some of the wrong foods into your routine, and now they’re harder to give up. Limiting the snacks you love down to once-in-awhile consumption will require will power, but it’s well worth doing. 3. Because it can be comforting, mindless eating is hard to resist sometimes. Try limiting eating times to when you’re with others – such as sitting down formally at meals. 4. Getting older means your metabolism wants to slow down naturally. This is normal, and it happens to everyone. You can boost the speed of your metabolism and burn more calories by building muscle (anything you can do is better than nothing), and by regularly taking some green tea supplements in the morning. We also recommend protein powders and Super Ultra Nutrition formula for building muscle, which burns more calories. 5. If poor portion control is a weakness, add more produce to your meal (we’ve got a great organic produce section, with a wide variety of choices!) Deliberately eating slower helps. For fun, you may want to try eating with chopsticks – that can force you to eat slower, and you’ll get at using them too! 6. Stress and fatigue go hand in hand with weight gain. Sleeping more will do a lot to reduce stress levels. To help you sleep without artificial chemicals or drugs, we recommend natural products such as melatonin supplements, CBD oil, and Bio-Essence International Nerve Calm Formula. 7. If you’ve plateaud at a certain weight, amp up your exercise and eat smaller portions more frequently. And don’t skip breakfast!