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Back-To-School – Our Recommendations For Protection in the COVID Era

Above: If your school district is transitioning back to in-classroom learning for the 2020-21 school year, you’ll want to see Steve’s recommendations for how to best boost your immune system.  We’re also available weekday afternoons for personal consultations in the store.

While back-to-school concerns can create plenty of stress in any normal year, we know this year is off the charts when it comes to anxiety levels if your children’s school district is transitioning back to in-classroom learning. To help, Steve has outlined some surefire recommendations of how teachers, students, and anyone else can easily up your body’s resistance. Click on this link to view https://youtu.be/4fX8RGtt_z4

COLD, VIRUS & FLU formula (CVF):  This is our number one all natural, immune-boosting product that has been proven effective against H1N1 strains, influenza varieties, the avian flu, and now COVID-19.  We’ve had customers tell us it helped them fight off COVID-19 when they were experiencing multiple symptoms of it.

ZINC:   Zinc is an important nutrient for normal body functions, and taking 15-50 mg per day with food is another sure way to strengthen resistance to coronaviruses.

VITAMIN C:   We’ve all been taught to take Vitamin C since childhood for a reason – it works.  Take 1,000 per day if you’re healthy and up to 3,000 mg per day if you’ve got a compromised immune system and/or other underlying conditions.

MUSHROOM EXTRACT:  We’ve got mushroom extract supplements in many forms with no taste (for those who don’t like mushrooms).  Ask us to locate them for you if you need help finding them.

ELDERBERRY:  The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that boost the immune system, tame overall inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect the heart.  We’ve got elderberry in liquid form, capsules, and chewable gummies.

HERBAL THROAT SOOTHE:  We recommend this if you’re feeling irritation in the throat, where COVID-19 first multiplies in the body.  It kills the virus on contact, and helps your throat feel better at the same time.

SUPER ULTRA NUTRITION:  When your body is fed on a cellular level, it’s stronger all around and can best shut down COVID-19 if it gets into the body.

ZEN OIL:  This is a good fast-acting product to have if someone around you nearby is coughing.  Simply rub it on your hands, then take a deep breath of it.

5-THIEVES OIL:  We recommend using this essential oil in an aeromatic diffuser, because it’s how we keep the air and surfaces in the store germ-free.  When added to water in the diffuser, the vapor released containing it settles onto all surfaces and things in a room (it’s unnoticeable to the touch, and not sticky).  When any virus germs come in contact with the 5-Thieves oil, they cannot survive on surfaces the way they normally do.