Vitamins & Other Items Purchased From Large Warehouse Chains Are Often Worthless. Here’s Why

27th June, 2019

We understand that, sometimes, it may seem easier to order vitamins, supplements, produce, food, or other items from big mail-order chains that deliver by mail. You may even pay a lower price up front. However, when you consider warehouse conditions have a negative effect in many ways, it’s easy to see how zero money is saved in the end. In fact, what you do spend ends up being completely wasted. WHAT YOU’RE GETTING MAY BE AN EMPTY FAKE When you order from sites such as Amazon or eBay, for example, there’s a strong chance you’re purchasing from an individual seller. As such, there’s no way of knowing who it’s coming from, what country it’s coming from, or what you’re really getting. Often, vitamins and other health/wellness items sold by unscrupulous sellers end up being empty fakes – regardless of any rating score those sellers may have. What comes out of the bottle won’t taste or look any different, but the products are devoid of any nutritional value. [caption id="attachment_843" align="alignright" width="350"] We second that emotion. But, more specifically, we want you to buy from US! Why should you? We work harder to stay knowledgeable on health & wellness issues than any large chain store! Plus, we ensure our products don’t suffer heat & moisture degradation found in large warehouses.[/caption] UNREGULATED TEMPERATURES DELETE NUTRITIONAL VALUE – ESPECIALLY VITAMINS & PROBIOTICS Even if the products sent to you are authentic, there’s an extremely good chance that they’ve been negatively affected by temperature fluctuations that exist in a typical mail order warehouse. For example, ALL soft gel vitamins quickly suffer decomposition when exposed to heat. The end result won’t be noticeable, but your body will be the loser. Heat & moisture kill live organisms within probiotics that make them so beneficial to the human body. They MUST be refrigerated at all times during warehousing, shipping, and storage on retail shelves – or they become useless. Buy probiotics from big chains and you’re highly likely to get a bottle that has NOT been given proper refrigeration. Some “shelf stable” probiotics do not require refrigeration. However, heat & humidity will still delete all of their benefits. When you buy vitamins, probiotics, or other natural formulas from Nature’s Pavilion, you get ones that have been delivered in refrigerated trucks, and kept in temperature-regulated areas of our store. We’re kind of sticklers for that detail, and we’ve got systems in place to ensure what’s on our shelves gives you, the buyer, full value. Other items negatively affected by improper heat levels are skin care products, spices, essential oils, baking ingredients, organic coffees & teas, natural sweeteners, and a whole lot of food items. SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THE RIGHT PRODUCTS IN THE FIRST PLACE Steve and our staff at Nature’s Pavilion work hard to stay on top of new findings when it comes to health, wellness, and nutrition.  Perhaps that’s why so many of our customers tell us we helped them find a solution for health problems when doctors and specialists have failed.  When the right product recommend by us actually solves a health issue, that is money well spent. Products and doctor $ visits that prove ineffective means money has been wasted. And it’s why customers with limited or no health insurance come to us for our advice first – literally telling us “Nature’s Pavilion is my doctor.” We can’t think of a higher honor than to be told these things, and we truly enjoy helping our customers.  You won’t get that from any large chain. LOSS-LEADING WAREHOUSE-BASED ORGANIZATIONS ARE A DRAIN ON THE ECONOMY Loss-leading warehouse-based organizations do not believe in fair trade, and they do not give back to the economy. Many workers at these places are forced to go on public assistance to cover rent and basic living costs because wages paid are so low. When large, already-profitable companies are subsidized by public assistance tax dollars in this fashion, they become part of the problem and not the solution.